Having anxiety is tough and a struggle.

It’s a battle every single day.

Sometimes I let anxiety win, while other times, I conquer my fears and I don’t let anxiety control me – I’m in control of it.

Anxiety feels like someone is sitting on your chest to the point you can barely breathe until you catch your breath.

When you have anxiety, you tend to stay in your “comfort zone” because that is where you feel the safest.

You might avoid social gatherings because the thought of it makes you feel uncomfortable, so you rather not go.

You tend to stay closed up from other people because you don’t want someone to know what you’re going through and what you went through in your past. Because of this, you choose your friends wisely.

You are the one who decides when to break out of this by telling someone exactly what you’re going through.

This, my friend, is the reason why I stay closed up at times and choose my friends wisely. I even choose who I tell certain things to because even the friends I made while I’m in college, they don’t know everything about me or what I have been through in my life.

Maybe I will break free from this one day by beginning to open up.

Anxiety can also makes you do some pretty silly things…

I laugh at this now, but I had so much anxiety during this time. So, back in January, I took one of my exams to become an Elementary teacher. Before taking the exam, there were certain things I couldn’t bring inside the testing center. For instance, smartwatches, phones, food, etc. I thought jewelry was one of the things I couldn’t wear because I read somewhere that I had to go through a metal detector…

I started freaking out because I was wearing a necklace and couldn’t open the clasp in order to take it off.

I said, “I can’t get this off of me! I need it off in order to be able to take my test!!”

I was freaking out!

Turns out I didn’t need to take my necklace off!

I’m telling you this story because that’s what anxiety does to you – it makes you worry so much to the point it’s possible that you will be freaking out about something so small, but it’s such a huge deal to you.

I honestly wish anxiety never existed because like I said, every day is a battle.

Maybe I would be a totally different person on the outside if I didn’t have anxiety?

To be honest, I look so calm on the outside, but on the inside, that’s a different story!

Anxiety can even make you be wide awake at night just worrying about the future and things that are out of your control.

If you struggle with anxiety, too, my heart goes out to you. We will get through this together and with God by our side!

Let me tell you something, God isn’t going to let your anxiety crush you.

Let me repeat this again: God isn’t going to let your anxiety crush you.

He will use your anxiety to help you grow into the person you have always been meant to be in God’s eyes.

He created you just the way you are.

He gives us these struggles and battles we have to face to strengthen our faith and hope in Him that it will all get better soon.

We cannot let anxiety control us.

On August 6, 2020, I conquered my anxiety and I chose to not let anxiety take control of me.

Here’s a little backstory: The only gas station that I go to fill up my car is in town – I would only go to this one gas station. Why? I felt safe and secure, especially since I was going by myself. I am cautious of being aware of my surroundings because you honestly have to be.

Well, this gas station has been under construction and it was time for me to fill my car up. So, I had the courage to go to a different gas station for the very first time. For the longest, I avoided going there because in my mind, I felt like it wasn’t safe for me to be getting gas by myself with other strangers around me. You hear these stories of someone walking up to you and trying to harm you. There are people out there with bad intentions and we always need to be on guard no matter what.

That is the reason why I was so afraid going to this gas station all alone. I had so much anxiety, but I told myself that I can’t let my anxiety control me like this and that I could do this… and I did!

These are just little things that people do daily and they don’t even think about it. They simply do these tasks without having anxiety or any of these worries.

That’s what anxiety does to you – it tries to control you and one day, you will want to conquer your anxiety. It’s honestly the best feeling ever to know that you had the courage to not let your anxiety take control of your life.

Tell your anxiety about God and how He is more mighty than your fears.

Start praying to God that He will give you the courage to conquer your anxiety and whatever it is you are worrying about. Take it all to God and leave it there, don’t pick it back up again. Leave it all at God’s feet and walk away – let it go!

You will be free from your anxiety soon.

It takes a lot of courage to be in control of your anxiety, but with God, anything is possible.

Your anxiety won’t crush you.

Though the mountains may crumble, you will not. -Isaiah 54:10

When you find the time, please listen to “Find Me At Your Feet” by Elle Limebear.

“Somedays I don’t know how to love You
Somedays I don’t know how to sing
But if there’s anything I know, I know where
Where I’m meant to be

Somedays I don’t know what I’m bringing
Somedays I don’t know what to pray
But if there’s anything I know, I know where
Where I’m meant to be

Find me at Your feet
I’ll kneel before my King
I’m here and I don’t want to leave
Find me at Your feet”

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“God won’t let your anxiety crush you.”


10 thoughts on “Being in control of your anxiety

  1. I can relate.

    I’ve been praying and asking God to deliver me from my anxiety issues, I feel so bound. The thing is I don’t have to be, Jesus has set me free. Everyday has to be a decision to allow the Holy Spirit to reign instead of anxiety.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your prayers Kylie! Yes, especially when it is an anxiety disorder, but even an anxiety disorder is not more powerful than God and has to bow at the name of Jesus!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kylie, I have had to deal with anxiety since I was a young girl. My home life was so stressful because my Dad was an angry abusive drunk. I married young to get out that house to someone who grew up in a dystfunctional home too. We were a mess but have made it to 54 years. My anxiety is not as bad as it was when I was young because at 35 I got saved and through much prayer , studying, research, and medication it is controlled. I understand it so much more then I did when I was young. I have to change my expectation for myself and my husband and even for my friends. Most people do not know I struggle with anxiety or anger. My husband knows me better then anyone and I have a friend who I talk to about this sometimes. It helps to talk about. it. And I write and read others blogs, real good help out there like you post. Thanks you being honest and real. Paul in the bible says, I am what I am by the grace of God. God saved me with all my faults and failings and He alone know my heart and how I struggle with issues. He is my very best friend. Blessings Kylie…you are a young wise hearted woman.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Betty! Thank you for your sweet comment.💗 I can relate to you because my home life when I was a little girl wasn’t the best because my biological father was the same way and he has been out of my life since when I started high school. I have had so much anxiety during that time of my life, too. My home life still isn’t the best and same with my mental health. Talking it out with someone helps me, too! I’m thankful this post helped you in some way. I try to keep my blog posts honest and real, but there has been so many things going on in my life that I haven’t written a blog post in months. Thank you and blessings to you as well, Betty!💗


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