If you’re new here, we are just now starting a new devotional on the Bible App called, Broken Crayons Still Color and it lasts for 5 days! We have one more day left!

If you want to still join, here is the link, so we can read this devotional together and up to 150 people can join it (that’s what the Bible App says). Here is day 1 of the devotional, just in case you missed it!

I can’t believe today is the last day of the Broken Crayons Still Color devotional!

Day 5 is all about hiding your brokenness and trying to heal yourself without God.

The Author explained how she was trying to fill her broken cup with water herself instead of letting God take care of her.

Have you ever done that before where you just wanted to fix something yourself and without God’s help?

I bet you felt so determined to fix whatever it was without giving it to God and having Him fix it.

Each of us has our own broken cup. Each crack in it represents something that happened in our life that had broke us.

To fix the cup, we can’t fill it up with water by ourselves because the water will just seep through the cracks!

In order to make our cup whole again, we have to come to the One who has never left out sides when things would get difficult.

He’s the One who knows the reason behind every single crack in your cup.

The thing is that we tend to come to God last because we try to fix what broke us by ourselves, without God’s help.

All God wants us to do is come to Him when we are at our worst.

He wants us to come to Him when we are broken.

You were never meant to go through this alone.

In order to fix your broken cup, you have to cry out to God and tell Him to heal you.

Once you give your brokenness to God and all the pieces of your cup, you will be made new again.

God will heal you.

You won’t stay broken forever.

Give it all to God and He will make you whole again.

God doesn’t want you to figure out how to put your broken pieces back together by yourself.

Give your broken cup to Him.

I pray that this devotional gave you so much peace and that you learned that being broken isn’t a bad thing. We weren’t created to be perfect. I believe that when we are broken, we lean on God even more than before to put our broken pieces back together again.

I have loved writing these blog posts every day for this devotional and I hope you loved reading them!

What was your favorite part of the Broken Crayons Still Color devotional?

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