You are capable of being in control of your happiness.

You are able to decide if you want to either be happy or in a horrible mood – it’s your choice.

Don’t let anyone be the reason why you’re not happy!

I have been learning to not let anyone steal my happiness because in the past, if someone would be in a bad mood or just so negative about something, it would automatically put me in a bad mood.

I simply want to be happy every single day.

We were given one life and one chance at it. We should live every day as if it’s our last and not let anyone get to us so easily.

Why spend it by worrying about what people might think of you or what they will say?

If you have a talent God has given you, share it with the whole world and don’t be ashamed of whatever gift you have!

Who cares about what someone might think – we all have different perspectives and that’s okay.

You get to decide if you want to wake up every day happy, especially since it’s another day to be alive and that is something we should all be thankful for or you can wake up and only see the negative side of things – you decide.

When you let someone steal your happiness, it’s like someone taking all of your joy from you.

This happens when you let words that someone has said affect you.

You can be so happy about something that no one knows about and when you finally tell someone about it, you no longer feel the same happiness you felt.

That is another example of someone stealing your happiness.

There are people out there who can be so miserable for no reason at all and when you’re around them, they make you feel the same way, too.

Finding joy in every day and telling myself that I won’t let anyone take away my happiness and peace have both helped me so much!

For those who don’t know, I have started taking inositol to help with my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I was in a dark place with my mental health. My anxiety and depression was the worst it has ever been. Ever since I have been on inositol, my mental health is in a much better place and I overall feel so happy! The only thing is that my face has been breaking out and it’s probably because my body is still getting used to it. I just wanted to let y’all know that I have been feeling so much better!

Anyways, I don’t want to be so miserable all the time and only see the negative side of things. By doing that, it honestly lowers your immune system and causes so much stress. It’s just not good for me and it’s not good for you, either!

Why waste a day of your life being unhappy?

When you find the joy in your life and look on the positive side, that is when you will discover happiness and you won’t let anyone take that away from you.

Find the blessings God has given you – that always makes me happy!

Think about what God is trying to show you when you’re in a situation where you feel like everything is going wrong in your life.

Find the purpose God has for you and don’t let go of it.

Don’t let anyone steal your happiness.

Do whatever God has called you to do and don’t look back. Keep your eyes on God and everything will fall into place. You will feel so much joy when you stay focus on God.

For those of you who are new here, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in December of 2019. I have been documenting everything that I have been through and experienced – from discussing my symptoms before I knew what was wrong, all the way to what I am doing now to help my body. My goal is to balance my hormones naturally without taking birth control. I want to give other women with PCOS hope that birth control isn’t the only option. All of the details about My PCOS journey Pinterest board can be found here.

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“Do whatever God has called you to do and don’t look back. Keep your eyes on God and everything will fall into place. You will feel so much joy when you stay focus on God.”


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