September is the month of spreading awareness of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), so for the entire month of September, the topics will be geared towards PCOS every Wednesday because not many people know what it is and I was one of those people who didn’t know. I got diagnosed with PCOS back in December of 2019 and I have been sharing my journey way before I found out what I had. I have an entire Pinterest Board that has all the blog posts I have written about my PCOS Journey and you can find it here. I have written about my own symptoms, the bloodwork I had done (it was a lot of rounds), my experience with Doctors telling me birth control was my only option and how it was either that or just suffer with my syptoms. I have expressed my concerns about birth control to the Doctors and I stood my ground. I have also been to a naturopathic doctor only one time and I haven’t talked about that experience because it was an unusual experience. Plus, I ended up taking a different route. I talk about getting other tests done, getting acupuncture and adjustments done at the chiropractor (that has helped me physically and mentally), I also have seen another chiropractor who is also a dietitian and he helped me with the supplements that I needed to take, and I explain everything that I have tried, so I encourage you to read the blog posts that I have on the Pinterest board I have for my PCOS Journey.

As you can see, I have went through a lot to get my body to where it is right now. I started going to the Doctor in July of 2019 and I didn’t get diagnosed with PCOS until December 2, 2019.

Last week I discussed what PCOS is and this week I’m talking about the symptoms I have had physically. Then next week, I will be talking about what I have experienced mentally with having PCOS!

The first red flag that something was wrong with my body was when I threw up on the first day of my period and almost passed out – it was so painful and that only twice. I couldn’t even function or go to class the second time it happened. It was terrifying, especially since it was my first time experiencing that. I’m thankful to say that I have only experienced that twice and ever since I started going to the chiropractor regularly, I haven’t experienced that again!

I also experienced some spotting outside of my period and pain in my lower abdomen.

I started seeing chin hair pop up (thank goodness my hair is blonde because it’s less noticeable), hair below my belly button, on the insides of my thighs, and legs, of course. Not everyone has this symptom of PCOS and the symptoms are different for everyone.

I have also had irregular periods and I have been trying to balance that out with supplements.

My DHEA-S was really high, but I’m not sure if it’s still high because the last time I got bloodwork for it was in November of 2019. I need to get it retested soon to see if it has decreased or not, but I’m still waiting until the situation with the coronavirus gets better because I really don’t want to go to the hospital just to get bloodwork done, I don’t want to risk getting the coronavirus!

This is a new symptom I have been having, but I’m not sure if it’s related to having PCOS, but I have been having back pain in the lower back. I started documenting when I had lower back pain back in May and I really don’t remember when I first started having lower back pain consecutively every month. In August, I have had lower back pain for five of the days out of the month, which the days were spread apart from each other. I don’t know why I keep having lower back pain and I have been on the look out for a pillow to put in between my legs as I sleep at night to help with the back pain.

Another symptom I have had was hormonal acne, which it hasn’t been as bad since I have started inositol and I will do a separate blog post of my thoughts about inositol and how it has been helping me!

I have posted this picture already, but this is what my skin looked like before I started taking supplements to help my body and I need to do an updated picture soon! The acne on the left picture was so painful and I felt the need to just cover it up with makeup because it made me feel better about myself, but then I slowly stopped going to events because I got tired of trying to cover up every single blemish on my face – it was exhausting to do.

I think that is all of my symptoms of PCOS that I have had and here are some Instagram posts that describes other symptoms women might have with having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:

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For those of you who are new here, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in December of 2019. I have been documenting everything that I have been through and experienced – from discussing my symptoms before I knew what was wrong, all the way to what I am doing now to help my body. My goal is to balance my hormones naturally without taking birth control. I want to give other women with PCOS hope that birth control isn’t the only option. All of the details about My PCOS journey Pinterest board can be found here.

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September is PCOS Awareness month and if you don’t know what PCOS is, I encourage you to learn more about the physical symptoms women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome might have!


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