Today is the start of the Bible Study for September! This Bible Study is called, Something New and you can find it by joining me on the Bible App here!

Day 1 is all about something old.

The Author of the Bible Study said that we tend to hold on to everything that happened to us in the past.

It’s like as if we have a suitcase and we put everything we have struggled with and experiences all inside this one suitcase. What happens when we put so much things in our suitcase? The suitcase will become heavy and you will struggle with picking it up.

If you carry what you experienced in your past and keep on adding things to your suitcase in the present, you are going to struggle with picking your suitcase up because it’s going become too heavy.

If you take out some of the things from your past that are in your suitcase, you’re able to carry it much better. But… the thing is that God didn’t ask us to carry everything by ourselves.

You need to let go of the things that happened in your past because if you don’t, it will try to steal the present away from you and possibly your future.

It’s easier said than done!

I struggle with letting things go and that is honestly something I have been working on this year because if I don’t let things go, it will start impacting my mental health and all the areas of my life.

Give God everything you have been through in your past and let it go; don’t pick it back up again.

Give God your insecurities.

Give God whatever you are struggling with.

Give God whatever situation you are in at this moment.

Give God every little thing.

You weren’t meant to carry it all alone.

You need to let the old things go.

You will save yourself.

Let go, let God and trust what He’s doing in your life.


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