Today is the second day of the Bible Study for September! This Bible Study is called, Something New and you can find it by joining me on the Bible App here!

In case you missed it, here is day one!

Day 2 is all about wanting something, but not getting it right away.

Trying to talk God into giving you something in return sounds a lot like this: “God, if you give me —————- , then I will do ————— for you.”

Most of the time, that doesn’t work because God makes us wait for whatever it is.

The waiting game is crucial – I have been there before and I’m currently in the waiting as we speak. Sometimes it gets frustrating and stressful, but that’s only when my eyes are on the problem and not on God. It truly makes a huge difference when our eyes are on God instead of whatever you’re worrying about! You have to trust the process of waiting in the unknown and trusting that God will make a way for you!🙌🏻

If you’re in the waiting, too, I want you to know that God is preparing you for whatever it is. You have to be mature enough for God and he matures us by strengthening us through the obstacles we have been through.

He wants us to give back to people, even when we are waiting to receive a blessing from Him. He wants us to appreciate the gift He has given us and that is why He makes us wait because if He didn’t, we wouldn’t appreciate His blessing and nonetheless, trusted Him during the process of waiting!

The process might be stressful and frustrating to the point it makes you cry and that’s ok. You’re going to keep on going and whatever is meant to be, will be. Go with the flow and accept how things are right now in your life because some things you just can’t control! 2020 has definitely taught me that.

We are all going through something right now and all of us are having so many struggles. We need to keep our eyes on God instead of focusing so much on the problem.

He will take care of us.

He will take care of you.

Keep trusting God while you wait and please don’t give up on Him, He hasn’t forgotten about you.

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