Today is the fourth day of the Bible Study for September! This Bible Study is called, Something New and you can find it by joining me on the Bible App here!

In case you missed it, here is day one of the Bible Study!

Day 4 is all about something new.

God creates something out of nothing.

When we go through something that is new to us, usually, it comes with so many new changes. It could be the start or end of something new.

God somehow breaks us and creates something new out of us.

Something new comes with growth, strength, perseverance, and determination to go through a situation you have never experienced before until now.

It’s willing to embrace the unknown and go with the flow instead of fearing the unknown.

When God allows something new to happen in your life, He wants you to grow and your faith in Him will grow stronger than ever before because you’re going to trust God so much that He will get you through this.

Are you willing to take that leap of faith and be a part of something new?

Are you willing to say, “yes” to God when He brings new challenges to you?

God will get you through no matter what it is.


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