I didn’t see this coming…

To be honest, I already had the graphics for the blog posts for this week done and I just needed to write the blog posts.

Making the decision of taking a break from blogging was hard to make and there were times where I felt like I shouldn’t take a break. I love blogging and inspiring every single one of you who reads these blog posts.

Last week, I realized that we all aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow, even our loved ones can go in a blink of an eye to the point we have no idea when it will be our last chance we get to spend time with them.

Let me explain…

I haven’t talked about this at all on here because just by thinking about it makes me sad and I really didn’t know if he was ok with me talking about it on the blog or not.

Back in February 20, 2020, my PawPaw got diagnosed with ALS and he has the bulbar form of it, which is the worst form of it.

On June 9, 2020, He got other tests done just to confirm that he did have it and it was confirmed.

It started in his throat. He would be coughing, but his cough sounded more like as if he was choking and he wasn’t eating anything.

His speech changed a lot.

His muscles are weak.

His lungs and heart are both getting weak.

That’s what ALS does – it somehow takes a hold of the body where it starts shutting things down. This can happen slowly or in a rapid pace and an individual has no control over it.

As of right now, there is no cure for ALS and I know there are Doctors who are working on finding a cure.

We have no idea why or how this even happened; we don’t have any family members that we know of that have or have had it. It’s just something that we need to trust God with and believe that He has got this.

Last week, I have realized that time is definitely precious and that there are things that will always be there and people who won’t be.

The Kylie’s Corner & More blog will always be here and I can’t say the same for my PawPaw or for all of us. I would rather spend all the time I have by spending it with my PawPaw and helping my Grandparents with anything that they might need. I also don’t know when my last time will be with them both here. I adore them both so much and I adore their marriage – they have been married for almost 54 years!

I ask if you could please pray for my family and my PawPaw. Also, please keep my MawMaw in your prayers too because I know this is affecting her as well and I admire her strength so much; I know she gets it from God!

Furthermore, that is why I have decided to take a break from blogging and spend time with my loved ones as much as I possibly can.

I will be back though, so don’t worry and I have so many blog posts in mind that I want to write! So, please don’t think that I don’t like blogging because in reality, I love it and I love inspiring you guys with my words.

If you need anything or want someone to just listen as you talk, I’ll still be here. You can contact me here or on Instagram – @kyliescornerandmore.

I love y’all.


4 thoughts on “Time is precious

  1. Thank you for writing this I’m sure this is so helpful gor other people going through similar things. It takes a lot for you to write something like this❤ very honest prayimg for you girlie❤breysblogs

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  2. Kylie we are all praying for all of you it is hard on you all. But Trust in the Lord we may never know why he gives us these trials but just keep him close by. Love you all so much❤️

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