Today, I’m going to talk to y’all about how to have a peaceful morning and this is just what I do in order for me to have a peaceful morning!

Have a To-Do List

Every Sunday before the week starts, I write in my Reminders App of all the things I need to get done for each day – I will have a list for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In my head, I kinda already know what I have to get done for each day because my college classes gives us due dates for my assignments ahead of time and I know what I need to get done, which I create my own due dates for myself because I love getting my assignments done before they are due! These lists also helped me when I was studying every day for the certification exam that I recently passed and I would type in what subject I will be studying and the amount of hours I would spend studying. Then, once I was done with studying for that day, I would be able to check that off my list!

I also use the Reminders App for my morning routine and I even write what workouts I will do for each day! I basically use this App in replace of a planner because I don’t have a physical planner at this moment and let’s be real, it’s 2020, you know?!

Workout, Stretch, Yoga, etc.

I haven’t been consistent with working out because of studying so much, but I’m getting back into it! When you move your body first thing in the morning, you will feel so much better not only physically but mentally. I love starting my morning with a morning or even doing yoga just to stretch my body. If you are curious about my workout routine, you can read it here!

By all means, workout to make yourself feel good on the inside and not so much on the outside. You don’t have to starve yourself to look a certain way or punish your body by working out just because of the food you have eaten.

Workout because you love yourself and that after you workout, you feel so much better mentally. Working out has honestly helped me become so much stronger mentally and it helped me when I needed to escape the pain I was feeling on the inside.

Simply moving your body first thing in the morning will help you not only have a better morning but a much productive day!

Make your favorite breakfast and beverage

You are probably going to think I’m weird for eating the same thing every morning for breakfast, but that’s just what I do!

I love making oatmeal with cinnamon, pecans, and flax seeds. Once I’m done microwaving it for a minute and thirty seconds, I put a banana on top of it, add some almond butter, and chia seeds on top – it’s delicious! Sometimes, I put apples instead of a banana, but I microwave the apples with the oatmeal and I do the same thing for blueberries, too!

Sit in a quiet place

This helps create a peaceful morning! I just love eating my breakfast in silence and I also wake up early than I have to because I really don’t like to be rushing in the mornings; I love taking my time and thanking God for waking me up again so I can live another day.

Read a plan on the Bible App

Before I start my week, I choose which plan I want to read for the week and I read it every morning. This helps me keep my eyes on Jesus instead of worrying about every little thing. I have learned to give it to Him and stop worrying about it.

That’s how I have a peaceful morning and it helps me have a better day, too! How do you have a peaceful morning? I want to know, so please comment down below on what you do to have a peaceful morning!

Lastly, my PawPaw was getting a feeding tube put in on December 1, 2020, so please pray for him that this feeding tube will give him more energy and will help him feel better. I appreciate all the prayers!


4 thoughts on “How to have a peaceful morning

  1. I love your routine. For me, when I wake up, I clean up ( brush my teeth/shower) and then I spend time with the Lord. I pray, read the Bible and listen to worship songs. I take a walk and also take the time to reach out to my friends. I read a book and make the most of the day. Breakfast is so key in my life unless I’m partaking in a fast. Nothing like having some pancakes, eggs, and orange juice. I love mornings because they are so crisp and just hearing the sound of the birds bring me joy. Thank you for sharing ❤️😊

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    1. Thank you, Karen and I love your routine too!☺️ I love going for a walk too and it so makes a difference in my day! I so agree with you about breakfast and all of that sounds yummy!😋 So do I and it’s so peaceful in the mornings! You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your lovely morning routine with me, Karen!💕

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