More than ever, this year has taught me to go with the flow.

Something unexpected happened? You figure it out as you go instead of coming up with all these solutions inside your head before it happens.

It takes a lot of faith and perseverance to go with the flow and to deal with whatever it is as it comes.

It’s easier to just give up than to keep on going, but with faith, anything is possible!

What helps keep me going when I am in a difficult situation that is stressful to the point there are times where I shed some tears, I tell myself that God didn’t bring me this far to just leave me here. There is a reason behind every single situation that God puts us in.

God didn’t bring you this far to leave you.

Saying that to myself honestly helps me trust God that He will get me through whatever it is.

My faith in God was challenged so much while I was studying for my certification exam that I needed to pass in order to become a certified teacher in Texas. I remember the week before I took my test, I felt so tensed, like I felt like there was so much pressure on me. I finally gave it to God and left it there. I had to wait for four days to see if I passed or not – thank God I didn’t get anxious and I never once cried, so that was a good sign!

My point is that you don’t have to figure everything out all on your own; that is not your job.

Leave it for God to figure out because God’s plan is so much better than your own.

When we try to figure out every little detail and think about everything we would have to do if something happens way before it happens, we will start to feel so overwhelmed and stressed out. That is why when we leave things up to God and have him lead us to where He wants us to be, all the stress and worrying will all diminish.

God didn’t bring you this far to leave you, always remember that when you are in a difficult situation.

Whatever you face, God is with you and you will get through this.

When you find the time, please listen to “Whatever May Come” by Jeremy and Adrienne Camp.

“Whatever I face
Whatever the fear
Whatever the cost
You always draw near
Whatever the pain
Whatever may come
Whatever may fall
Your love overcomes
Your love overcomes

I will call
I will call upon You
Whatever I face
You are with me
I will fall
I will fall on my knees
For every heartbreak
You will hold me”

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“God didn’t bring you this far to leave you.”


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