Merry Christmas!

Since I’m posting a blog post on Christmas Day, I wanted to do something regarding Christmas – the birth of Jesus.

As I’m writing this, today is December 21st and on this day, we are supposedly going to see the Star of Bethlehem that appeared years ago when Jesus was born and it so happens that we are going to see it 45 minutes after sunset!

I can say that 2020 has been the most darkest year for every single one of us and it’s so fitting that we might get to see the same star that appeared several years ago that led the three Wise Men to Baby Jesus. How amazing is that?!

This year, in 2020, everything changed in the world around us. In March, we had no idea what we were getting into and we were told to stay home. Who knew the coronavirus is still here today? Who knew I would be student teaching in the middle of a pandemic? Not me!

Once we were told to stay home, it felt like the time slowed down where we could do things we wouldn’t normally do and we could spend time with our family instead of being at work or school.

We had no idea what was going to happen or what was happening.

It’s like we were the Wise Men and didn’t even know it back then. We had a glimpse of hope that we would get through this together.

Some came back to Jesus by praying and spending time talking to Him.

Some felt like they needed to keep their eyes on Jesus in order to survive because the world got messy and so overwhelming.

Some even spent time away from their phone and social media and spent more time doing things that mattered.

Like the Wise Men, we didn’t know what would be coming our way and we just went with it. The Wise Men noticed a bright star in the dark sky and ended up following it. The thing is that they didn’t know where it would lead them to, but somehow they knew that everything was going to be okay and that the star was there to help guide them.

Before Jesus was born, everything was dark. Once He was born, He became the light the world needed. He is our light in the darkness.

I’m here to tell you that Jesus is going to lead you out of the darkness and you will finally see the light again.

You’re not going to be in the dark for long because Jesus is going to make a way like He always does and He will lead you out of whatever situation you are in.

You will get through this, my sweet friend.

I pray you and your family have the most peaceful Christmas that y’all will never forget.

When you find the time, please listen to “Christmas Day” by Chris Tomlin.

“Stars we have seen
Over deserts and oceans
Darkness was deep
But never hopeless
Redemption came
And His name is Jesus

Sing all you people
The Lord Almighty reigns
Sing every creature of God
Come and bless His name
For He is good
For he is good
He was born to conquer the grave
Light of the world
The reason for Christmas day”

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“Before Jesus was born, everything was dark. Once He was born, He became the light the world needed. He is our light in the darkness.”


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