As the New Year approaches, I begin to organize my environment and clean out things I really don’t need – I do this every year!

That is why I thought about doing a 30 day cleanse to start off 2021 because for most of 2020, I wasn’t that productive but I’m not going to be hard on myself. 2020 hit hard on my mental health and I had to do things I haven’t ever done before to help my family out.

This cleanse isn’t something you drink or eat to make your body look a certain way. It’s like a restart on everything and hopefully, it will help your mental health so much.

I’m all about staying organized, cleaning out, making sure everything has place, and being productive. However, this year, in particular, I haven’t been as productive and I realize that if I keep myself busy throughout the day, it’s a good mental health day! Then, if I don’t do anything at all throughout the day, that is where it tends to get bad.

Anyways, I will be starting this cleanse on January 2, 2021 and feel free to join me!

This is what I will be doing and I’m hoping to do most of these things that are on the list:

The first thing that is on my list is so important to me because towards the middle of 2020, I began doing a Bible Plan on the Bible App and reading it every morning, so I still want to do that going into 2021.

I get in this habit of starting a book, but not finishing it and that is why I want to read something every day during this cleanse.

Telling yourself a positive affirmation every day is so important because the way you speak to yourself matters a whole lot!

I have taken quite a break from social media off and on, especially from posting on Instagram because sometimes, posting every time I have a new blog post up tends to be overwhelming for me and so, I have taken a break from doing that and just let my readers find me.

When I just need someone to talk to but really don’t want to talk to anyone, I write all of my thoughts down and I immediately feel better once I do that. That is why I want to journal while I’m on this 30 day cleanse.

I also want to nourish my body with foods that will help my body instead of eating things that aren’t the best like foods with sugar. Since the holidays, I haven’t been eating the best and I want to change that while I’m on this cleanse.

Moving my body by doing yoga, going for a walk, cardio, etc. helps my mental health so much and it’s so much more than trying to have a “slim” waist for me. That is not why I started working out; I started because I needed to relieve some pain I was holding onto and if I wouldn’t have healed from it, who knows where I would be right now.

Like I have said in the beginning of this blog post, being productive helps with my mental health, so that is why I’m going to try to be productive every day for this cleanse.

Lastly, I want to try to go to sleep early because I’m in this habit of staying up late and it’s hard for me to go to sleep early, so I want to do that for this 30 day cleanse!

That is what I’m going to do starting January 2, 2021 and I hope you join me! You can of course make this list your own and add more things to it that you’re going to do!

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This 30 day cleanse is all about rejuvenating yourself going into 2021!


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