Happy New Year!

2020 was definitely the year that changed me and made me grow so much to the point I have learned so much. You could say I have 2020 vision!

I really want to tell y’all some of the things I learned that made me look at things from a different perspective.

It all started when one of my friends recommended Immigration Nation, a documentary about the United States immigration system and just some of the things that immigrants go through. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend watching it!

Before watching Immigration Nation, I had absolutely no idea that the process of becoming a U.S citizen is such a long process until I started researching it right after I watched the documentary – no wonder people who aren’t from the United States come here illegally. They all want a better life than what they have.

I also had no idea that even if you serve in the U.S. military but not a citizen, you will be deported – that was discussed in the documentary.

I even read a book shortly after called, Finding Jesus at the Border by Julia Lambert Fogg. This book basically combines how immigration is today and Jesus because He crossed borders to teach people. I loved how the book did that!

Anyways, all of this was an eye opener for me because I had no idea what Hispanics and immigrants in general go through.

I even learned about what people who are Black go through on a daily basis and it’s not just adults who go through it – it’s children, too. They are told at a young age how they need to act when they come in contact with the police – put your hands on the dash where they can see them, stay still and if you do need to move, move slowly, and don’t reach for anything that could be a weapon. Children are also told that some people might not like them because of the color of their skin. What? All of this puts it into perspective because I don’t ever remember getting told at a young age that people were going to hate me because of my skin color or being taught what I should do when I come into contact with the police.

I learned that people who are Black have to live with that fear every day of something bad happening to them or worse; their children.

I believe the world learned so much about White privilege, racism, and the struggles that the Black community go through this past year.

I wanted to learn even more about what they go through, so I finally watched the movie, The Hate U Give. Y’all. I highly recommend watching that movie, too! It’s a heart wrenching movie that will definitely be an eye opener for you like it did for me!

2020 was the year I learned so many things about the struggles of different ethnicities and what they go through. I was looking at everything from a different perspective and thinking, “what if that was me in that situation?”

We all deserve to have a better life.

We all deserve to be treated with respect.

We all deserve to be loved.

We all deserve to live fearlessly.

Long story short, 2020 has taught me so much and it feels as if I’m fully awake now and that I can see clearly on what has been happening in other people’s lives, which I wasn’t aware of until now.

What did 2020 teach you? Please let me know in the comments below!

When you find the time, please listen to “Wake Up Sleeper” by Austin French.

“And if you’re sleeping like I used to be
In a grave that holds you tight
There’s a Savior calling
Promising a brand new life
He’s saying

Wake up sleeper
Open your eyes
Oh sinner, arise
Leave your past at the door
Wake up sleeper
Come to the light
Christ is alive
Death don’t live here anymore
Death don’t live here anymore

I bet you like that freedom
I bet you like your new name
Oh, welcome to the kingdom
Yeah, we all feel that way”

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“Long story short, 2020 has taught me so much and it feels as if I’m fully awake now and that I can see clearly on what has been happening in other people’s lives, which I wasn’t aware of until now.”


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