My grown up Christmas List

I really wanted to take the time to think about what I should write for this blog post and that’s why there wasn’t any blog posts up last week. I don’t know what it is, but this year has been difficult for me to get inspired in order to write on here. I just want … Continue reading My grown up Christmas List


Going with the flow

More than ever, this year has taught me to go with the flow. Something unexpected happened? You figure it out as you go instead of coming up with all these solutions inside your head before it happens. It takes a lot of faith and perseverance to go with the flow and to deal with whatever … Continue reading Going with the flow

What Is Even The Truth?

Over the past couple of months, I have heard many, many different things about the coronavirus and I’m sure y’all have too. At the beginning, we were told that the coronavirus was just a hoax and we have nothing to worry about. Then, we were told that the coronavirus came from a bat. Then, documentaries … Continue reading What Is Even The Truth?

Goals for 2020

I honestly love going into a brand new year because it's like a new start. We leave the old year behind and we focus on bettering ourselves. We do things that we wished we would have done in the previous year and we also grow as an individual. I feel like 2018 broke me and … Continue reading Goals for 2020

Appreciation Post For All Of my Viewers From The Entire Year of 2019!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, the Kylie's Corner & More family!! Since it's January 1st, I'm going to do something a little bit different and I haven't ever done this before! Usually, when we going into a new month, I take the time to appreciate all of you from the previous month: I acknowledge all the countries … Continue reading Appreciation Post For All Of my Viewers From The Entire Year of 2019!

Don’t Look Back

Have you ever felt like starting everything over and start fresh again? As if you want to be cleansed of everything that had happened in your life? Do you ever feel like things keep on getting worse and worse; it's all out of your control? Do you ever want to be free from everything like, … Continue reading Don’t Look Back