My grown up Christmas List

I really wanted to take the time to think about what I should write for this blog post and that’s why there wasn’t any blog posts up last week. I don’t know what it is, but this year has been difficult for me to get inspired in order to write on here. I just want … Continue reading My grown up Christmas List


Learning to let go

Learning to let go is difficult to do. It's even difficult for me to do, especially when I try to protect someone from getting hurt. Letting things go is hard. I have such a caring heart and sometimes having that only makes things worse. All I want is to help people, but God has taught … Continue reading Learning to let go

Even through the darkest times, our Angels in Heaven are with us

I can imagine the Angels in Heaven are all around us on Earth and even though we are unable to see them, I believe our loved ones we lost are guiding us and keeping each of us safe. The Angels are able to see our pain. They see the darkness that surrounds the world. They … Continue reading Even through the darkest times, our Angels in Heaven are with us

When You’re Trying To Find Yourself Again

Have you ever felt like you haven't been yourself lately or that you haven't felt like yourself? Have you been in a stage in your life where you want to get close to God again, but you are so afraid of what might happen? Let me explain. Something has happened in your life and you … Continue reading When You’re Trying To Find Yourself Again

Be The Light

This has been heavy on my heart ever since I heard about the El Paso mass shooting in Texas, and the one that happened in Dayton, Ohio - they happened back to back. Once I heard about both of the shootings that happened, I wanted to say something. I wanted to say the words: "America, … Continue reading Be The Light

Fighting My Battles

I remember a year ago on April 17, 2018, I made a decision that ended up making me become the best version of myself. It was like my escape from everything I went through in March 2018... If you're new to the Kylie's Corner & More and you haven't read How The Outlook On Life … Continue reading Fighting My Battles