Day 3: Something More

Today is the third day of the Bible Study for September! This Bible Study is called, Something New and you can find it by joining me on the Bible App here! In case you missed it, here is day one of the Bible Study! Day 3 is all about not settling for anything less than … Continue reading Day 3: Something More


For when you need Hope

I haven’t posted a blog post in the Scriptures For Specific Situations in a long time and here I am writing because I feel like this is what I need to do. I feel in my heart that I needed to write this. I know it’s disappointing to see everything be put to an halt … Continue reading For when you need Hope

What You See In Someone Isn’t Exactly What You See

We all have different perspectives of each other, but it isn’t exactly what we see. Let me explain. You see someone who is a hard worker and they always get their work done ahead of time. You just don’t understand how they do it. But in reality, it’s because this individual needs to have structure … Continue reading What You See In Someone Isn’t Exactly What You See

Don’t Be Ashamed To Live Your Faith

So far, Romans 1:16 has played a huge part in this new journey and there is a reason as to why I have chosen this Bible verse! On Monday, June 24, 2019, I posted the announcement on the @kyliescornerandmore Instagram about how something will be coming soon and Romans 1:16 was featured on it. Romans … Continue reading Don’t Be Ashamed To Live Your Faith

Do It All For God

Have you ever thought, "Why do I have to do this?" or "This is way too much work for me!" Have you ever told yourself that or even thought it? Obviously, God wants you to take on whatever it is for a reason! He has given each of us a deed to do and we … Continue reading Do It All For God

Jesus Is Alive

Hey my Sweet friends! I have been thinking about doing this blog post for awhile now and for some reason, I feel like God wants me to talk about this now on the Kylie's Corner & More blog. I know that some of you know this about me, but for those who don't know, I'm … Continue reading Jesus Is Alive

When You Surrender it All to God

It's so crazy how we have all of these hopes and dreams, but once God tells us it is time, we don't want to move out of our comfort zones. Don't worry, I'm the same way; however, nothing ever grows in comfort zones. We have to start expecting the unexpected because let's face it - … Continue reading When You Surrender it All to God

Where is God??

Have you ever been in a situation where you have asked yourself, "Where is God in times like this?" or "Why did God make this happen, I'm so mad at Him for this." It's ok if you have because I have been there too and God taught me something; He isn't in any of those … Continue reading Where is God??

Positive Mind, Positive Life.

This year I have been trying to be more positive in my thoughts and my overall life! So far, it has been amazing and I feel so much better when I am positive. Part of Romans 8:6 says, "the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace." When you fill your mind with positive … Continue reading Positive Mind, Positive Life.

When God Teaches You A Lesson

Let me just put this out there before I tell y'all this story - God does have a sense of humor! So this entire thing happened on April 1st. As I was driving back home from class, my front left tire got too close to the curb and it caused me to have a flat … Continue reading When God Teaches You A Lesson