Day 3: Body image

If you're new here, we are just now starting a new devotional on the Bible App called, Broken Crayons Still Color and it lasts for 5 days! If you want to still join, here is the link, so we can read this devotional together and up to 150 people can join it (that's what the … Continue reading Day 3: Body image


Be Kind To Yourself More

People say we are our worst critics to ourselves. We can even be hard on ourselves. The mind is our worst enemy. We even punish ourselves for not meeting a goal or for giving into whatever we told ourselves not to do. Our minds are so powerful. We can tell ourselves negative things and think … Continue reading Be Kind To Yourself More

It’s Time To Start New

The quote by Walk the Earth motivates and encourages me every single time I read it! Take a moment to read the quote above to yourself. Do you feel powerful after you read it and feel like you can do anything you put your mind to? Doesn't it encourage you and make you think, "yes, … Continue reading It’s Time To Start New

My “Why” For Working Out

I just wanted to put that warning there before I get into this blog post! I will also be putting that warning on my blog posts only if it is a sensitive topic, so it won't be on every single one of them. With that being said, let's get into this! Ever since I started … Continue reading My “Why” For Working Out

The Top YouTube Channels That Bring Positivity Into My Life

So, this year I have been watching new YouTubers and I really don't remember how I found them, but all five of them has brought so much positivity into my life! They literally motivate me to always start the day on a positive note and to be honest, a few of them has kinda made … Continue reading The Top YouTube Channels That Bring Positivity Into My Life