New Beginnings

Do you dread learning something new or going through something you have never experienced before? Does the thought of starting over scare you? Do you tend to compare someone's day 100 to your day 1? A new beginning doesn't mean you have to leave everything you learned behind. I see a new beginning as taking … Continue reading New Beginnings


Turning Into A Butterfly Takes Time

In your past, you probably have went through a lot that made you who you are today and how you're so thankful for those moments in your life because you wouldn't be the same person without them. I know I wouldn't be the same person I am today if it wasn't for everything I went … Continue reading Turning Into A Butterfly Takes Time

Ways To Come To Terms With Change

Since October is finally coming to a close, our challenge for this month was to embrace the change in our lives and the last blog post was about why we need to let change into our lives. This blog post is all about ways that might help us accept the change in our lives! It's … Continue reading Ways To Come To Terms With Change

Seasons Change

The leaves are changing... Leaves are falling... The time will be changing soon... It will be getting colder because Winter is almost here (hopefully, if Texas gets it together because Texas weather is unpredictable!). We're in the season of change! If you think about it, our lives are constantly changing and we each go through … Continue reading Seasons Change

An Open Letter To The One Who Is Too Afraid To Embrace Change

I haven't done one of these open letters in awhile and I know that you guys love reading them because I still get views on the past open letters I have written! I decided to write about being afraid of change since college will be starting soon, and the high schoolers who recently graduaded will … Continue reading An Open Letter To The One Who Is Too Afraid To Embrace Change

Be The Light

This has been heavy on my heart ever since I heard about the El Paso mass shooting in Texas, and the one that happened in Dayton, Ohio - they happened back to back. Once I heard about both of the shootings that happened, I wanted to say something. I wanted to say the words: "America, … Continue reading Be The Light

It’s Not Your Will, It’s God’s.

So starting now, I will be using y'alls Bible Verses from the Bible Verse Tag post for Kylie's Corner each week! I thought this would be something different and fun to do to change it up a bit! I actually needed this Bible Verse more than I thought and I can relate to this in … Continue reading It’s Not Your Will, It’s God’s.

Why Change Can Be Good

I don't normally start off with a quote when I do blog posts for The Life of Kylie category, but here we are! This quote by Anatole France relates to where I'm at in my life now. I still can't believe I'm writing about this new change in my life and I didn't think it … Continue reading Why Change Can Be Good