Jesus turned darkness into light

Merry Christmas! Since I'm posting a blog post on Christmas Day, I wanted to do something regarding Christmas - the birth of Jesus. As I'm writing this, today is December 21st and on this day, we are supposedly going to see the Star of Bethlehem that appeared years ago when Jesus was born and it … Continue reading Jesus turned darkness into light


My grown up Christmas List

I really wanted to take the time to think about what I should write for this blog post and that’s why there wasn’t any blog posts up last week. I don’t know what it is, but this year has been difficult for me to get inspired in order to write on here. I just want … Continue reading My grown up Christmas List

2019, You Have Taught Me So Much

During this time last year, I wrote a blog post about me thanking 2018 and I wanted to do the same for 2019, but in a different way! I honestly don't know where to start because I learned a lot of lessons this year! 2019 taught me patience... a lot of it - I do … Continue reading 2019, You Have Taught Me So Much

The Giving Tree

Every year when November comes around, I look forward to this - The Giving Tree. It's technically not called The Giving Tree at my church and there are different names for it. For instance, I know that at other churches, they call it the Angel Tree. I just remember it being called The Giving Tree … Continue reading The Giving Tree

Is Everything So Unrealistic?

The quote above sums up this blog post! Is it ironic that I'm watching a Hallmark Christmas movie as I'm writing this?? I have been thinking about writing this blog post ever since the Hallmark Christmas movies started on October 25 (I know, I'm talking about Christmas so early and it's not even Thanksgiving, yet!). … Continue reading Is Everything So Unrealistic?

Let There Be Peace…

When I think of "Let There Be Peace," I imagine God letting there be peace on the entire world. When He does this, there won't be any wars. There won't be any tragedies in our own lives and in the world. We won't be worrying about the future and wondering if we would be financially … Continue reading Let There Be Peace…

Why You Should Spend Christmas With Those You Love

During this time of year, I am realizing that life is short to the point we need to spend every second we can get with our family. We shouldn't take our family members for granted because they won't be here forever, you know? That is why we should always make the most out of it. … Continue reading Why You Should Spend Christmas With Those You Love

Christmas Songs That Will Help You Keep CHRIST in Christmas!

Christmas is such a special time of year where family and friends get together and celebrate! But who is the celebration for? Jesus' Birthday, of course! In the midst of all of the presents, Santa Claus, and all of the Christmas shenanigans; you may find it difficult to remember the true reason for the season. … Continue reading Christmas Songs That Will Help You Keep CHRIST in Christmas!

God, Grant Us Peace This Christmas

There are so many people in this world who need peace this Christmas because they are grieving. God, grant us peace. Right now, someone may be wishing that their loved one in Heaven could celebrate  Christmas with them. Someone will be spending their first Christmas without their loved one and they don't know what to do … Continue reading God, Grant Us Peace This Christmas

‘Tis The Season of Giving

This is my most favorite time of the year! I have a warm heart for giving back to others and to those who are in need. It literally makes my heart so happy when I bless others because then that individual may even "pay it forward" to another person as well. It just keeps on … Continue reading ‘Tis The Season of Giving