Day 4: Tattoos and Jesus in your heart

If you're just now discovering this blog post, you can still join reading the Fix Your Eyes on Jesus: Devotions From Time of Grace on the Bible App and you can read the blog post where I talk about the first day here! Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you get one? For … Continue reading Day 4: Tattoos and Jesus in your heart


What I did to get myself out of a dark hole

I'm just now sitting down to write this on Saturday... I usually have a routine where I do all of the graphics on Wednesdays and then, write the blog posts on Thursdays. Well, for the past few days, I haven't felt like doing anything. To be honest, I thought that the only blog posts that … Continue reading What I did to get myself out of a dark hole

When you feel like you are in a dark hole…

When you feel like you’re in a dark hole, it feels like no matter how hard you try or what you do, you can never get yourself out of it. As you’re in this dark hole, you don’t feel like yourself. You start to think that you’re going to be in this dark hole forever … Continue reading When you feel like you are in a dark hole…

3 things I started doing to help my spiritual life

There are so many things that are going on in the world and most of it is so negative. We are constantly being hit with people's opinions and it feels like this world is somehow divided - it seems like we can't all agree on everything and we are also unable to make every single … Continue reading 3 things I started doing to help my spiritual life

Your Emotions Are Valid

Have you ever had someone tell you how you should be feeling or they try dismiss your emotions by telling you that you shouldn't be feeling that way? God has been teaching me that it's okay to feel what I feel. Our emotions are what makes us human. We have feelings. You have the right … Continue reading Your Emotions Are Valid

Face it, but face it with Me

I recently discovered the most beautiful Catholic church in California called, St. Monica and this church does Livestream - I think they Livestreamed all their Masses way before the coronavirus happened because they have videos you can watch of their Mass from February! You can view them here. Anyways, I started watching their Sunday Mass … Continue reading Face it, but face it with Me

I have to vs I get to

We all need God's peace right now. I know many of us can relate to Philippians 4:6-7. God tells us to not worry and that we need to pray about it instead. There have been so many things I have been worrying about, but I'm now to the point where I'm giving it all to … Continue reading I have to vs I get to

How to Stay Calm

There are so many things going on in the world right now and it's easy to get lost in all of it. It's also a stressful time for so many of us. Maybe you have anxiety because you are afraid of losing your job. Maybe you don't know how you're going to pay your bills … Continue reading How to Stay Calm

Your Silent Battles

What are silent battles? Have you ever kept something to yourself that you’re currently going through and you don’t want to bother people with it? Whatever it is, you go through it silently and you eventually overcome it. That is what I mean by a silent battle! Sometimes God gives us battles that we have … Continue reading Your Silent Battles

Be The Brave One

I know our lives are on hold right now. You might be wondering about what is going to come next in your life. You might even have anxiety because you don’t know what is going to happen. I know it’s easy to have negative thoughts all the time and it’s even more difficult to be … Continue reading Be The Brave One