Day 2: What Would Jesus Think? (WWJT)

There is a saying called, "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD), which I haven't heard the WWJT one! To me, What Would Jesus Think? is like what Jesus would think about how you are living your life right now. Are you living in fear? Are you doubting the plans Jesus has for you? Do you worry … Continue reading Day 2: What Would Jesus Think? (WWJT)


A World Without Media

I have so many thoughts about what has been going on in the United States and around the world, but before I get started, here are some images I have found on social media that basically sums up what has been happening. Please feel free to pause the slide show to read each image. In … Continue reading A World Without Media

Seasons Change

The leaves are changing... Leaves are falling... The time will be changing soon... It will be getting colder because Winter is almost here (hopefully, if Texas gets it together because Texas weather is unpredictable!). We're in the season of change! If you think about it, our lives are constantly changing and we each go through … Continue reading Seasons Change

Having The Strength to Face The Unknown

**Here is the first part of my PCOS Journey series** Y'all, last week was just one of those weeks and everything felt off - I think the full moon on last Friday had something to do with it! Did you feel like something was off last week? I made these graphics last Wednesday for this … Continue reading Having The Strength to Face The Unknown

Stop Living Your Life In Fear

Everyone has a fear of something in their life. For instance, it could be a fear of failing, driving, death, and simply fearing life itself. We are human, so it is ok to have fears because no one is perfect. However, it is not ok to let your fears control your entire life. I know, it … Continue reading Stop Living Your Life In Fear