Day 3: No mirrors in church

If you're just now discovering this Bible Study, you can still join me by reading day 1 first! We are on day 3 today and we have two more days to go until we are finished with the Fix Your Eyes on Jesus: Devotions From Time of Grace on the Bible App! The devotion for … Continue reading Day 3: No mirrors in church


Start Embracing Your Flaws

We all have something we are insecure about, whether it's something we don't like about our appearance or what someone has said to us to make us not like something about ourselves. It's sad that something we once loved about ourselves can turn into something you don't like in an instant because of what someone … Continue reading Start Embracing Your Flaws

Point It Out

From posting the Be Your Beautiful Self blog post, I have realized something... In that blog post, there is a picture of me without any makeup on and I show you a glimpse of my chin hair. As I was writing that blog post, I realized that we need to point out our flaws to … Continue reading Point It Out