Jesus turned darkness into light

Merry Christmas! Since I'm posting a blog post on Christmas Day, I wanted to do something regarding Christmas - the birth of Jesus. As I'm writing this, today is December 21st and on this day, we are supposedly going to see the Star of Bethlehem that appeared years ago when Jesus was born and it … Continue reading Jesus turned darkness into light


Day 5: Anxiety & Jesus

Today is the last day of the Fix Your Eyes on Jesus: From Time of Grace devotional on the Bible App! What a way to end it! If you are just now discovering this post, you can still do this Bible Study with me - here is day 1! "Therefore we do not lose heart. … Continue reading Day 5: Anxiety & Jesus

Day 4: Tattoos and Jesus in your heart

If you're just now discovering this blog post, you can still join reading the Fix Your Eyes on Jesus: Devotions From Time of Grace on the Bible App and you can read the blog post where I talk about the first day here! Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you get one? For … Continue reading Day 4: Tattoos and Jesus in your heart

Day 3: No mirrors in church

If you're just now discovering this Bible Study, you can still join me by reading day 1 first! We are on day 3 today and we have two more days to go until we are finished with the Fix Your Eyes on Jesus: Devotions From Time of Grace on the Bible App! The devotion for … Continue reading Day 3: No mirrors in church

Day 1: Think like Jesus

Good morning! This week is going to be much better than last week because we are starting this Bible Study on the Bible App! Today's reading is all about thinking like Jesus and fixing our mind on things above instead of focusing on what the world offers us. Let's talk about the thinking like Jesus … Continue reading Day 1: Think like Jesus

Straying Away From God

Even if you don't want to admit it, we have all strayed away from God at some point in our lives. Difficult situations can do that where we just don't understand why God let this happen to us and because of the pain we're feeling, we tend to guard our hearts from God and we … Continue reading Straying Away From God

Jesus Is Alive

Hey my Sweet friends! I have been thinking about doing this blog post for awhile now and for some reason, I feel like God wants me to talk about this now on the Kylie's Corner & More blog. I know that some of you know this about me, but for those who don't know, I'm … Continue reading Jesus Is Alive

“I’m Thankful For Your Scars.”

This blog post is actually inspired by a song I heard on the radio as I was driving home from class one day. It's called, "Scars" by I AM THEY. Like always, I'll link the music video down below so y'all can listen to it. I remember the first time I listened to it and … Continue reading “I’m Thankful For Your Scars.”

“Your Sins Are Forgiven.”

This is honestly one of my most favorite stories from the Bible! If you aren't familiar with this story, I will give you the summary of it. In the beginning, Jesus was invited to go eat with a "Pharisee" (a hypocrite), which is Simon. There was this woman who heard that Jesus was going to … Continue reading “Your Sins Are Forgiven.”

‘Tis The Season of Giving

This is my most favorite time of the year! I have a warm heart for giving back to others and to those who are in need. It literally makes my heart so happy when I bless others because then that individual may even "pay it forward" to another person as well. It just keeps on … Continue reading ‘Tis The Season of Giving