The Kylie’s Corner Book Is On Sale!!

Yes, you read that right! For the first time ever, my book, Kylie's Corner, is going on sale for a limited time! It's the perfect gift to give someone for Christmas and for any special occasion! You never know who might need to read Kylie's Corner. If you already have your copy already, thank you … Continue reading The Kylie’s Corner Book Is On Sale!!


Protecting Your Inner Peace

This is something that I have been learning to do this year and there has been many lessons that God put me through that has shown me how protecting my inner peace is so important. Before I get into this Kylie's Corner for today, I want to ask you something: do you know what inner … Continue reading Protecting Your Inner Peace

An Answered Prayer

Today is the day, y'all!! Let me start from the very beginning... I don't know if y'all knew this or not, but when I was in High School, I had the opportunity to help design a few T-shirts for my Churches Youth Group. Here's one of them and I only helped with the idea, not … Continue reading An Answered Prayer

I love Y’all

Honestly, I really didn't know what to write about for this blog post I'm writing right now until I received a message from my mom. What she sent me literally made my day and it still makes me feel so giddy inside just by thinking about it - It is about y'all! My mom sent … Continue reading I love Y’all