Love Yourself More

Sometimes we tend to change our appearance because of something someone said to you or how the person made you feel. I don't know why we change to gain the acceptance of others. We should strive to be on God's side because in the end, it is up to Him if we are going to … Continue reading Love Yourself More


A Mental Check-in With Yourself

Hey everyone, I hope y'all are having a beautiful day! I'm going to talk to y'all about self-care and things you can do to help you be in a healthy state of mind. This is such an important topic because even though we may think someone is happy and living a wonderful life, we don't … Continue reading A Mental Check-in With Yourself

A Facebook Detox!

Hey, sweet friends! The week of February 24 and all the way through March 3, I did something totally unexpected! You probably already know by just reading the title, but I ended up doing a Facebook detox for an entire week. Ha, you probably think I'm crazy for doing that or wondering why I did … Continue reading A Facebook Detox!

How to Genuinely Love Yourself

In this world today and all of societies' "standards," some people may find it difficult to love their self for who they are because they are focusing more on wishing they were a totally different person. A few people even compare themselves to another individual. Are we truly loving ourselves when we do that? No, … Continue reading How to Genuinely Love Yourself