Being an advocate for your health

**If you have read this first paragraph already from the previous blog post, you can skip over it! ** September is the month of spreading awareness of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), so for the entire month of September, the topics will be geared towards PCOS every Wednesday because not many people know what it is … Continue reading Being an advocate for your health


Why Your Voice Matters

Before I begin this blog post, I just want to take the time to thank those who left a sweet comment on the previous blog post. I was honestly afraid I was going to get so much hate for the things I said in it. There are no words I can say to describe how … Continue reading Why Your Voice Matters

What Are You Going To Do?

I have been thinking about what I wanted to say to y'all in this blog post. I have been asking God to give me the words He wants me to say and I know this is such a sensitive topic to talk about, but we need to talk about it.  To People of Color: I'm … Continue reading What Are You Going To Do?

Finding Your Voice

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you need to just keep your mouth shut? You tell yourself that your opinion doesn't matter, anyways. You end up being silent, especially when it comes to standing up for yourself. Am I right? If this is you, I want to tell you to … Continue reading Finding Your Voice