Day 3: Body image

If you're new here, we are just now starting a new devotional on the Bible App called, Broken Crayons Still Color and it lasts for 5 days! If you want to still join, here is the link, so we can read this devotional together and up to 150 people can join it (that's what the … Continue reading Day 3: Body image


“That’s just what guys do”

Picture this: A woman discovered that her boyfriend cheated on her and she came to conclusion that it's just what guys do. She told herself that it's okay that he cheated because all guys are like that. That is comparable to me saying that I make everyone leave and that is why people always leave … Continue reading “That’s just what guys do”

Love Yourself More

Sometimes we tend to change our appearance because of something someone said to you or how the person made you feel. I don't know why we change to gain the acceptance of others. We should strive to be on God's side because in the end, it is up to Him if we are going to … Continue reading Love Yourself More

It’s Time To Start New

The quote by Walk the Earth motivates and encourages me every single time I read it! Take a moment to read the quote above to yourself. Do you feel powerful after you read it and feel like you can do anything you put your mind to? Doesn't it encourage you and make you think, "yes, … Continue reading It’s Time To Start New

Becoming More Confidently You

What comes to your mind when you think of the word, confidence? Some may think about body image right away. Some may think confidence is about not being insecure and loving the way you look. Some may think it is about loving all your flaws. Some may say it is about being happy. Some may … Continue reading Becoming More Confidently You

Ladies, Know Your Worth

This is a topic that society doesn't realize, especially when it comes to television shows. Today, I'm going to talk to y'all about how it is so important to know our worth and what we deserve. I honestly love writing about how much we're worth to God and that we shouldn't ever settle for anything … Continue reading Ladies, Know Your Worth

Why You Should Love Your Flaws

I can't believe I just did this, especially since I kept putting it off for weeks now... I actually kept on moving this blog post idea back each week and it even gave me so much anxiety that I didn't feel like going to church for weeks... I don't know why, but I have felt … Continue reading Why You Should Love Your Flaws

Is It All In Our Heads??

Have you ever felt like you should change the way you are just because of one comment someone made about you and it made you feel insecure? What about feeling pressured into being someone you're not? You might even tear yourself apart because of a comment someone made about you or how they made you … Continue reading Is It All In Our Heads??

Your Worth Isn’t Found In Materialistic Things

I have been looking forward to working on this blog post ever since Marquise Payne - A Gurus Writing, reached out to me on Instagram and asked me about doing a collaboration blog post with him on both of our blogs! Of course, I said yes and this is the very first collaboration ever on … Continue reading Your Worth Isn’t Found In Materialistic Things

An Open Letter To The One Who Doesn’t Know Their Worth

I haven't written an open letter in awhile on here and I know y'all love reading these! I hope this letter inspires someone and that this is exactly what they needed to hear. Even if I touch just one person, it still means so much to me. I just love this quote by Morgan Harper … Continue reading An Open Letter To The One Who Doesn’t Know Their Worth