The Kylie’s Corner Book

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I honestly still cannot believe this is actually happening, I am introducing the Kylie’s Corner book for the first time! For the ones who don’t know what Kylie’s Corner is, it all started on November 23, 2014, in the St. Anthony’s de Padua Catholic church bulletin. I was only the age of sixteen back then when the church secretary, Imelda Jez, reached out and asked me if I wanted to have a Corner in the Church Bulletin, and how it would be geared towards the youth.

Before Kylie’s Corner existed, I would always share Bible verses and explain what they would mean to me on social media. That is why Imelda wanted me to write for the bulletin. I didn’t even know what I was going to write about, but I said yes. I let God guide me and I discovered that I have a passion for writing. It is the gift God gave me.

From the very beginning of this publishing journey, I wanted this to be all about God and less about me. He is now in the spotlight! He made all of this happen. I wouldn’t have done it without Him because He has been by my side through all of it. I cannot thank God enough for this and for all of Kylie’s Corner sponsors because I couldn’t have done this without them.


See that beautiful rosary wrapped around my book? Ever since I began the publishing process with Christian Faith Publishing, I would pray every single day. I prayed for my publication specialist and the design team to make the book more than I can ever imagine. I would even pray for my readers and that they would come to know God by reading Kylie’s Corner. Let’s just say, I prayed so much for this incredible moment!

God gave me a job to do, He wants me to share His Word with the entire world because we do need Him back in our country. I will never stop doing what He has asked of me and I am here to make a difference in the world. I will never be quiet when it comes to Him and my faith.


**I took all of the pictures myself**

Saying that Kylie’s Corner means so much to me is such an understatement! Ever since I first saw the cover and everything inside the book, I loved every detail about it. Let me tell you, it is more than I have prayed for. God is so good!

This book is for anyone especially for the girls who may have fears, struggles, and insecurities. I know it is difficult being a girl when society attempts to tell us how to live our lives. I hope Kylie’s Corner will help men and women to get through whatever they are going through and that they may find God through my words.

I want my readers to know that they have a purpose in this world. Every individual has the power to change the world and nothing is impossible when it comes to God!

Lastly, I want to thank God for providing me with this incredible opportunity of sharing His Word with the entire world. I am forever grateful He chose me. This was my first time publishing a book and it is definitely a one to remember!

Here is one review from the back cover that has inspired and helped me throughout this entire journey:

“Positive, motivating, inspirational! Kylie has a way of helping others to learn something about themselves through her heartfelt words in Kylie’s Corner. Kylie’s words remind us that when we face the hardest of times, we tend to come out stronger if we trust in God and let Him lead the way[…]” -Amber Skorupinski

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