It has been a long time since the last time I have done an open letter! I have done so many about different things – depression, anxiety, not knowing your worth, feeling unloved, and so many more! You can view all of them by putting in the search bar on this blog, “An Open Letter” and all of the Open Letter posts I have written should pop up for you! I love writing these Open Letters because as I write them, I think about how an individual might feel. I basically put myself in a different perspective and I talk to whoever is reading the Open Letter as if they are my friend, which all of you are family to me!

**Before I start this Open Letter, I just want to let all of you know that I have written the blog post yesterday about my thoughts about the Black Lives Matter Movement and why we need to put an end to racism. It took me about seven hours to finish it and I have been thinking about only posting that blog post for this coming week because it is so much to take in. I want y’all to be able to only focus on that for this coming week instead of reading a second blog post because the blog post I will be posting is like two blog posts in one. I will be posting it on Wednesday at 3:00 PM CST instead of the usual Friday, so y’all won’t have to wait until the end of the week!

Dear sweet friend,

Even though you feel like you’re forgotten, God hasn’t forgotten you.

He sees you.

He will always be with you no matter what.

You might feel like you don’t want to be here.

You might just want to be left alone because you don’t want to feel like a bother.

Sometimes you don’t know why you feel this way.

You don’t think you’ll be able to hold on any longer…

But, do you know what?

God will save you.

Yes, my sweet friend. He is going to save you.

God is going to save you from all the lies you keep telling yourself.

He’s going to save you from your negative thoughts.

He’s going to use your pain and turn it into strength.

You’re so worth it.

You’re not invisible to me.

God knows exactly who you are and you were made perfect in His book. You are perfect.

Life might not make sense right now and that’s ok. You will make the best of it.

You’re going to be ok.

God has a much better plan for you and you will soon see light in your life.

Trust that God is going to make everything better.

When you have so many emotions and thoughts going through your mind, talking it out with someone is going to help you so much.

Even if you don’t have someone to talk to about what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way, write it down on paper to help you get a thought out of your mind.

Tell people how you feel. We all need to be here for each other.

Accept the things you’re unable to change and make the best out of it. Things will be better for you soon, keep on believing that.

Even if the entire world has forgotten about you, God sees right through you and you will always be on His mine.

That is how much He loves you.

My sweet friend, you matter and you’re not alone.

I see you.

When you find the time, please listen to “Remember Me You’re Here” by Jason Gray.

“None of my pain
Has ever caught You by surprise
Still, it’s hard to trust You
When I’m lost in the wonderin’ why
But I’ll trade every question
Just to lay down and rest in Your heart
And I’ll reach for Your hand
Though You led me here into the dark

And I won’t ask You for reasons
‘Cause a reason can’t wipe away tears
No, I don’t need all the answers
Just be here beside me
Father, remind me You’re here”

I added a new page to this blog and I encourage all of you to check it out! For those of you who are new here, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in December of 2019. I have been documenting everything that I have been through and experienced – from discussing my symptoms before I knew what was wrong, all the way to what I am doing now to help my body. My goal is to balance my hormones naturally without taking birth control. I want to give other women with PCOS hope that birth control isn’t the only option. All of the details about My PCOS journey Pinterest board can be found here.

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Thank you so much for stopping by on the Kylie’s Corner & More blog! If you would like to, you can purchase your personalized, signed copy of Kylie’s Corner and a complimentary bookmark I designed, here! Kylie’s Corner is a devotional for anyone who is in High School and up – you can read more about Kylie’s Corner. I talk about beauty in God’s eyes, society, anxiety, and so much more in the Kylie’s Corner book. If God has someone on your heart that you feel the need to give this inspiring book to, please listen to Him. The individual may need to hear the words God put in my heart at the time when I wrote the Kylie’s Corners that are in this book.

I still have copies of Kylie’s Corner available!

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Only God knows the actual truth and what is happening behind the scenes.


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