Here’s another post about social media for ya!

Lately, I have been so out of the loop to the point I don’t even know what is going on in our world today! I know, I need to be more aware of what’s happening, but it is kinda hard to do that since I used to rely on social media for my news. Now, I still haven’t been on social media as much and maybe I should start watching the news often?

Anyways, I have been so busy and trying to focus on school that I don’t have time to be scrolling on Facebook or Instagram and being knee deep in someone else’s lives. This is actually something I have realized with me not being on social media as much. For instance, my mom would ask me, “have you seen so-and-so’s post?” and I would respond saying how I really haven’t been on social media as much.

Let’s be honest, I am currently in three group projects for three different classes and I have three more assignments due on April 15 so you can already see that this semester has been keeping me busy. I’m not complaining though because I don’t procrastinate when it comes to getting assignments done. You can read about that post here.

I also made that choice of going to school to become an Elementary teacher and I’m thankful that my classes are keeping me busy; I’m one step closer to reaching my dream. My point is that it has honestly been so amazing to focus on myself without the distractions of knowing every little detail about someone’s life on social media because let’s be honest, we all compare our accomplishments with someone else’s. Am I right? It’s not healthy for us to being doing that because God made us to be different and to have a different timeline than everyone else. God knows what is best for you.

Another part I love about not being active on social media is that no one has a clue as to what I have been up to lately. No one knows the small details of it and I don’t know what everyone else has been doing. It honestly feels incredible!

It’s crazy to think that we have an entire world in the midst of our finger tips to explore, but we choose to spend most of our lives on social media being invested in other people’s lives. Mind blowing!!

It’s okay to drop social media and live your own life for you and not for anyone else. It is time to do what makes you happy and to stop caring about what everyone thinks about. Their opinion shouldn’t matter!

We need to start living life to the fullest because we never know when it will be our last day.

Let’s be real, I’m thankful I’m no longer connected to social media like I have been in the past because it showed me things that I haven’t noticed before.

I challenge you to take a break from it all and see what you have learned from it.


18 thoughts on “Let’s Be Real…

      1. Amen! We have some profound sunsets out in my neck of the woods. Beautiful and sometimes disturbing!

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      2. I can imagine! I’ve only been in Texas once.. at a small airport… and it was snowing…

        I’ll tell you about one of the most awesome sunsets I’ve ever seen. And it almost sounds untrue, but right before my wife was pregnant with our son, I was in the backyard. This big wall looking cloud came up and it looked like the inside of a womb. And there was like a profile of a baby holding it’s thumb to its mouth like it was about to suck on it.

        I will never forget it. It looked so real!!

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      3. I’m certain it was 2006.. I could be a year off, maybe ‘07. But yes ma’am! My first time in Texas I got snowed on…

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