Hey, everyone it’s Kylie again! Y’all probably didn’t expect this, but there will be a total of FOUR blog posts this week and it’s all about faith! I usually post only on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3pm CT, but I wanted to make this week extra special since I launched the Live Your Faith online store and it was our one year anniversary of the Kylie’s Corner & More blog! I still can’t believe that I started this blog a year ago and I have made so many sweet blogger friends from it, pluse I have the most sweetest Kylie’s Corner & More subscribers! Before I get into this blog post, I want to thank y’all for constantly reading each blog post that I put out, it truly means so much to me and my favorite part about this blog is interacting with all of you!

Today, I’ll be talking to y’all about how you can live your faith and I will share some stories from my own life with y’all.

Listen to Christian music

Recently, I was watching one of Sadie Robertson’s motivational speeches on YouTube and she mentioned how when she was 10 years old picking up a new Hillsong CD, a Christian music band. While Sadie was saying that, I thought, “Wow, I didn’t even know that Christian music even existed when I was 10!” Yep, you read that correctly!

My faith was totally different back then when I was younger…

The music I would listen to was either country or pop – mainly Taylor Swift (I was obsessed and my most favorite era of hers was when she had her curly hair!) In my opinion, that era was the best and to this day, I still listen to her old songs every once and awhile. Anyways, I didn’t own any Christian music CDs and I started listening to Christian music when I was going into High School! It blows my mind that I didn’t start listening to it until I was a teenager because I really don’t know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for jamming out to Christian music while I’m driving and living life.

Y’all have no idea how much Christian music has helped me with my faith and every single song touches me differently. I love finding new songs for y’all to listen to every Friday when I post the Kylie’s Corner for the week. I for real have a ton of screenshots on my phone of Christian songs and that’s probably the reason why my storage is always full!

I remember listening to my first Christian song called, “One Thing Remains” and I got hooked on it instantly. It brings back to my first Youth Conference that I went to during the Summer back in High School – that’s where I truly found God.

here’s the song:

I also have written a blog post about my top Pandora stations and all of the stations I list are Christian music – this will help you if you’re just now wanting to start listening to Christian music! Christian music will literally change your life for the better and I really don’t know where I would be without it because it has brought me closer to God.

Watch Videos of motivational speakers who talk about God

Now, this one I am currently working on! I have been watching a few motivational speakers on YouTube like, Sadie Robertson and every time I listen to what she has to say, it inspires me. Leah Darrow is another one if you’re looking for things about society and body positivity – she used to be on America’s Next Top Model, so Leah Darrow talks about the fashion industry and what it was like to be a model. When we watch things about God, our faith, battles, etc., it helps us to trust God with everything. You’re also Living Your Faith by watching these videos and you’re gaining more insight about God. Sometimes, it’s exactly what you needed to hear at the exact moment and you think, “yes, preach it!!” I’m that person! Once I find more motivational speakers on YouTube that I love watching, I’ll do a blog post about it for those who want reccomendations!

Listen to Podcasts and Have Jesus Apps On Your Phone

This has been one of my favorites because recently, I have been listening to a Podcast every night before I go to sleep and I have found that it helps to calm me down. There are so many out there that will bring some positivity into your life and strengthen your faith! I’m also still working on finding uplifting Podcasts for y’all and sometimes it can be overwhelming because there are so many Podcasts out there! If you’re interested, I’ll do a blog post about the Podcasts I have found – this will be once I find my favorites!

Another thing is having a few Jesus apps on your phone like the Bible or even a daily devotional app. This will help bring you closer to God and strengthen your faith.

Have things in your life that shows that you’re not ashamed of your faith

This is the last tip about how you can Live Your Faith!

For me, I love wearing Jesus shirts that have Bible verses on them, having Bible verses and crosses in my room, wearing jewelry that shows my faith, reading quotes that inspire me daily, and I own a beautiful rosary that has light pink roses all around it.

All of this shows that I’m Living My Faith and I’m not ashamed of it. The reason why my online store is called, “Live Your Faith” is because I wanted to create something that helps all of us to genuinely live our faith and sometimes, it can be difficult to do in this world we live in today. Wearing Jesus shirts and drinking out of a mug that has your favorite saying or Bible verse on it are such a simple way to help us to show others that we believe in God.

I remember when I first started wearing Jesus shirts in High School, it made me feel like I can conquer anything that life throws at me – it made me feel confident, it made me trust God more each day, and reminded me how much He loves me. I pray that Live Your Faith does the same for you and that it will be easier for you to not be afraid to show your faith to the world. We must stand together by showing the world that there is a God who loves each of us so much.

This was such a long blog post and for those who stuck around for this long, thank you so much for taking your time to read it! It truly means so much to me.

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“That setback may have been meant to stop you, but if you’ll stay in faith, God’s going to use it to increase you.” -Joel Osteen


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