Are you really living?

Are you doing what God has called you to do?

Are you just trying to get by?

What exactly are you living for?

These questions are just something to think about!

I have asked myself some of these questions before.

Sometimes it’s as if we are only going through the motions of life and not really living.

We spend so much time on social media and on other things that we end up wasting our time.

We don’t realize how life is so short until something happens to us or gives us a “wake up call.”

We basically think that we are going to be here forever, so we can simply let time pass on by.

What are you living for?

We each have a purpose to fulfill from God on earth.

We also have to remind ourselves where we came from and why we are even here in the first place.

God created you for a purpose. He knew how much the world needed you. What is your purpose? What is it that makes life worth living for?

If you don’t have a purpose on why you’re here, then you really aren’t living life to the fullest.

You can’t go throughout your life just going through the motions and trying to survive by doing things that waste the time you have here.

You have to remember who created you in the first place because if you don’t, you will forget your true purpose on why you are here and you will lose yourself. You will forger who you really are.

We are growing every day into the person God has created us to be. We grow from our struggles, challenges, and stepping out of our comfort zone. The competition we should only have is with who were were yesterday.

I love reflecting on how I have grown because I’m slowly becoming the woman God created me to be. It’s a long process because growth takes a long time and growth is what changes us for the better.

We discover what we are living for once we find the purpose God has for us.

I am reminded this every Wednesday morning at 6:30AM when I go to the Elementary school for student teaching. As I’m driving, I pass by cross that is all lit up and it’s the only thing that is lit up during this time – it’s so beautiful! As I pass by the lit up cross, it reminds me what Jesus did for me and all of us. It reminds me why God created me and the purpose I have on earth. The cross also reminds me that God has gotten me through college this far and He is still with me through all of the obstacles I will be going through this year.

God is with you, too and He is currently molding you into the person He created you to be.

You have a purpose in this world.

When you find the time, please listen to “Proud” by Melody Noel

Are You proud?
Am I walking on the path that You set out
Up on heaven’s balcony You’re looking down
And I’ve had my doubts, are You proud?

Am I loved?
Most the time I feel like I’m not good enough
It’s like I always find a way to mess things up
After all I’ve done, am I loved?

Oh to see You smiling over me
If only just to know that You are pleased
Even though this winding road has led me through the weeds

I wanna hear You say, “you’re good and faithful”
Words written on Your face, “you’re strong and able”
I wanna hear You say, “come to my table”

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You have a purpose in this world.


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