I haven’t written an open letter in awhile on here and I know y’all love reading these! I hope this letter inspires someone and that this is exactly what they needed to hear. Even if I touch just one person, it still means so much to me.

I just love this quote by Morgan Harper Nichols because she talks about finding your worth in God. When you believe that God loves you and that you’re so beautiful in His eyes, you won’t need to fill that void in your heart with attention and affection by an individual; your heart is already satisfied by God. I will explain that more in depth in the open letter about what it means to find your worth in God. It’s important for everyone to know their worth, especially for young girls. I actually wish someone would have told me this instead of having to find out on my own, but this is why I decided to write a letter about finding your worth and I hope this helps one of you.

My Sweet friend, you’re probably reading this right now because you have been through so much to the point you don’t know how much your worth

You may have placed your heart in several guys’ hands and they each abused it

You might not have a father figure in your life who fills that “hole” you have in your heart so you keep on looking in the wrong places for love

You might not know what real love feels like and you have trust issues because of everything you went through in your past; you don’t want to be hurt again

You may even want to close yourself up and build up walls around your heart so people won’t abuse it again

Oh, my Sweet friend, I understand.

You might settle for something less than you deserve and think that it is good enough for you

I was that girl who would push God’s love away because I was hurt way too much,

I told Him, “No, I don’t deserve it.”

I used to think that people would always leave because of me; however, that is never the case.

my Sweet friend, that is not the reason why people come and go out of your life.

And no, there is nothing wrong with you.

God taught me that He takes people out of your life because He is taking you where they can’t go; those people are only in a tiny chapter of your life and God does this for a reason – Even though it may hurt, He is helping you. You will see what He is doing, trust me!

It may be a blessing, you never know.

My Sweet friend, you are enough.

You might have filled that void in your heart by looking towards social media and you are constantly wanting more followers or “likes” on the pictures you post.

Then, you might start comparing yourself to someone else

My Sweet friend, let me tell you

Every single person is worth so much to God, but…

You can’t find your own worth in someone else, even the people/celebrities you are constantly looking at on social media.

Your worth comes from God.

I know this because I didn’t know my worth until I started to find God and when He told me that I’m His Daughter.

That was when I realized that I am worth so much more to God and that I won’t accept nothing less than I deserve – I didn’t settle.

When you know your worth, you truly believe in what you do deserve, whether that be a healthy, loving relationship, someone to treat you better and stop abusing your heart, etc.

Whatever it is that your heart wants, always have it at the back of your mind so it reminds you that you do deserve more than you are receiving

When you do this, you will push all of those negative things away because you truly know what you do and do not deserve.

My Sweet friend, if this is about you finding your worth when it comes to relationships, I advise you to start praying for your future husband or future wife. I don’t think anyone has told me this before until I started going to Catholic Youth Conferences during the Summer with my Church. I believe everyone should start praying for their future spouse now and just pouring out their heart to God in what they want in someone. God always hears our prayers.

When you know what you want and how much you’re worth, your life will start to change. This is when God takes people out of your life and replaces them with new people that do know your worth.

My Sweet friend, God loves you so much and you’re worth so much more to Him.

He knows your worth, but do you?

When you find the time, please listen to “Gold” by Britt Nicole.

“So don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not loved and don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not enough. Yeah, there are days when we all feel like we’re messed up, but that true is that we’re all diamonds in the rough. So, don’t be ashamed to wear your crown. You’re a king, you’re a queen inside and out. You’re worth more than gold.”

I hope y’all enjoyed reading another one of my open letters as much as I enjoy writing them for y’all. If any of them inspires you, please feel free to reach out to me by letting me know in the comments because I really do want to hear y’alls stories.


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