Yes, your words do matter!

What you say to other people can either uplift them or harm their mental health.

How you treat people and how people treat you both matter, too.

No matter how someone treats you or what they say to you, please don’t let them harden your heart.

There are people who are just cruel for no reason and then there are people who are so genuine and kind to everyone around them.

We really do need more people who are kind in this world and we need you to be one of them.

I realized that how someone treats me isn’t even about me and it’s probably because of something that I have no idea about what they are going through on the inside, so I shouldn’t take it personally.

On Election Day, I decided I was going to get my bloodwork done in the morning after I voted. Well, there were some obstacles I went through as I was trying to get my blood drawn…. I encountered a lady who was much older than me (way older) and I noticed she treated me differently than the other people who were there, which they were older than me as well. Honestly, the lady probably assumed I was in High School or something like that and not a 22 year old, who is so close to be graduating college, especially since I had a mask on! I’m used to being mistaken for someone who is much younger because I know I don’t look my age and my height (I’m so short) doesn’t make it any better!

I remember how the lady made me feel during that moment.

I even remember the comments people say about my weight, which I don’t get. I rather have healthy habits of working out and eating healthy foods right now while I’m still young than have to force myself to do these things just because of how my health is – I don’t want to be taking all this medication when I’m old. I read a quote that really stood out to me and it said that if you eat food like it’s your medicine, then your medicine won’t be your food.

My point is that your words stick to someone no matter how positive or negative it may be.

You can either uplift someone or hurt them with your words.

You have no idea if it has hurt them or not because they may seem okay on the outside, but they aren’t on the inside.

An even when someone says something mean to you, maybe it’s because they are hurting on the inside or that it’s one of their insecurities. You have no idea how much your words have an impact on someone.

When someone says something hurtful to you, remember to keep in mind that it’s not anything you have done and it’s more on what the individual is going through at that moment.

For example, when I get stressed out, I get so overwhelmed to the point I cry and I feel so much pressure on my body. A few weeks ago, I was so tensed when I went to the chiropractor to get an adjustment and acupuncture done. I was stressed out because I had my second certification exam that I needed to become a certified teacher on November 20 and I passed it! Leading up to my test, it affected how I interacted with people. My stress was so bad to the point it was difficult for me to breathe, like it felt like I couldn’t breathe. Now, I feel like there have been so much weight lifted off of me!

I studied so much for this test and that’s basically what I did for most of November and I really haven’t worked on this blog as much, but I’m back to blogging now!

With all this being said, remind yourself to not make everything personal when someone is treating you wrong or making a comment on your appearance.

I hope all of you have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow; I’m so thankful for all of you and for this community we have built together! There also won’t be a new blog post on Friday because I just want to spend this time with my family.

Remember: your words matter to someone, use them wisely.

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“Your words matter.”


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